Scary reason: Here’s why Justin Bieber canceled all his concerts

The artist is simply unable to perform because of his illness.

Popular singer Justin Bieber was physically unable to give a number of his concerts this year. The real reason for the cancellation of the tour was a blow to fans.

According to the Independent, popular American pop singer Justin Bieber has stopped all concerts of his Justice World Tour. Earlier, the performer had already cancelled 12 of his performances, which were supposed to take place in October.

Originally, Bieber’s tour was supposed to start in 2020, but it was postponed to a later date due to the pandemic. After several performances this year in Brazil and Italy, the performer has finally moved the tour to 2023. Now the star wants to focus on his health.

In early June, it became known that the singer is suffering from a serious illness. He was paralyzed half of his face because of Ramsey Hunt syndrome. Bieber could not smile or even blink.

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