Justin will be shocked! Selena Gomez and Haley Bieber become best friends after a seven-year feud

This is not a drill! Pop singer Justin Bieber’s ex and current girlfriends have reconciled after years of misunderstanding. Selena and Hailey showed the world that there is no more animosity between them.

Justin and Selena’s relationship has been watched by millions of fans. Fans desperately wanted their favorite couple to finally get married, but, alas, their dreams remained dreams. But when the performer met longtime acquaintance Hailey Baldwin, he did not hesitate long. Their relationship spun in late 2015, three years later, Bieber proposed to her, and a couple of months later they got married, the magnificent wedding was postponed for a year.

Many users of the Network thought that such changes in the singer’s life were hard for his ex-lover. They recalled the artist’s song, where she talked about betrayal. “In two months, you found a replacement for what was between us,” the star was sad.

Of course, brunette fans turned on Bieber’s wife. However, their desire to protect their favorite turned into outright harassment, bringing her to tears. Most of the time, 30-year-old Selena ignored the invectives from fans (yet the hassle was pouring in the model’s direction constantly), which many read as encouragement for their actions. But the gossip stopped tonight. Last night, the celebrities met at the second annual Academy Awards gala at the Los Angeles Film Museum and… acted as if nothing had happened!

The girls hugged each other and talked sweetly. And Bieber even sat on Gomez’s lap! From such a social media stars just exploded, well, no one could not assume such a turn of events.

Fans forwarded the rare photo to each other in shock with exclamations. “How to break the Internet: Selena Gomez and Haley Bieber photographed together”; “What happened to the world! I love it!”; “I’m screaming! Some changes that had to happen,” they marveled.

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