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Does eating Yam bean make you fat?

Yam bean is the taproot of an herbaceous plant in the legume family. The head is light brown. The white flesh inside is sweet, crisp and juicy. In addition to its outstanding taste and texture, This type of tuber also contains various nutrients that help

Cool ways! Effectively helps you quit your coffee addiction

For anyone who drinks coffee every day. When the day comes that you have to stop drinking coffee? For example, on days when you have to get a vaccine injection , get a physical examination, or even not have free time to buy one. Then symptoms arise

Death by falling a sleep and never waking up again

Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS) is a symptom that causes death while sleeping for no apparent reason. It is assume that it may be cause by abnormalities in the electrical conduction of the heart. or the structure of the heart has an abnormal appearance. Atrial

Bubble milk tea good for the heart but not good for the body

Nowadays, the bubble milk tea business is increasingly reaching every target group in every age group. From children to the elderly, people like this drink that has various ingredients mixed together, especially when adding many new features such as adding cheese, chocolate or brown sugar.