Justin Drew Bieber

Justin Bieber is a Canadian self-taught musician, famous pop-R&B singer, songwriter and actor. He gained popularity through his YouTube channel without using the services of managers and labels. A trendsetter and instablogger whose every publication was at one time accompanied by a collapse in social network speed due to the number of likes from subscribers.

Childhood and Youth

Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 in London, which is located in the province of Ontario, Canada. According to his zodiac sign, he is a Pisces. His parents Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia Patty Mallett did not register their marriage, but his father helped in raising the boy.

The performer claims that already at the age of 3 he became interested in music, independently mastered the piano, drum, trumpet, and later began to play the guitar. At the same time as a child he was engaged in soccer, basketball, hockey, golf and skateboarding. At the age of 12 he took part in a local Stratford Idol song contest with the composition So Sick. The result was a triumph and 2nd place.

The star has half-siblings: Jackson and Jasmine. Although they didn’t grow up together, the popular relative devotes a lot of time to them. And in the summer of 2018, he had a new addition waiting for him: his father gave the artist another sister. He immediately shared this news with his subscribers on Instagram.

Blog and social networking site

The young musician’s career began with posting videos on the web. An important role in the creative biography of the singer was played by his mother. She uploaded the winning performance to YouTube for relatives and friends. All subsequent recordings of Justin she also broadcasted through the Internet.

Later in an interview, the guy said that the clips were accidentally viewed by Scooter Brown, who was once the producer of So So Def. The entrepreneur found the performer and persuaded his mother to travel to Atlanta to demo the recordings. A contract was soon signed between the RBMG production house and Justin Bieber.

The singer eagerly supports social media start-ups. Thus, as a famous artist, Justin invested in the development of Tinychat, the social service Stamped, and the music application Spotify. And in 2013, Bieber contributed $1.1 million to the new network for young people Shots of Me. Another investor in the project was Floyd Mayweather.

During his quarantine, the singer created an account on the TicToc app to post funny videos, where he most often showed off his dancing talents.

After signing the contract, the single One Time was released, which immediately became one of the best in Canada. The rest of Bieber’s songs were included in the debut mini-album released on November 17, 2009 that got the platinum status in Canada and the USA and gold in New Zealand and Australia. The songs Love Me and Favourite Girl reached the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The single Baby for the album My World 2.0 was soon released. The track immediately became a hit and entered the top five in the USA. The same success was enjoyed by Justin’s music video for this song.

At that time, the young artist faced a common problem of teenagers: his voice began to “break”. It became even dangerous, he could not take some high notes, so he urgently had to rearrange the entire vocal. Over time, the problem solved itself, and Bieber continued to make music, changing the tonality of the tracks.

Justin’s second studio album Under the Mistletoe saw the light in 2011. The songs for it were recorded together with the bands Boyz II Men, The Band Perry and Busta Rhymes. In the first 2 weeks 210 thousand copies of the compilation were sold.

Bieber’s songs became incredibly popular around the world and helped him win such prestigious awards as the Grammys and the American Music Awards. Justin became the first singer in history to have 7 songs from his first album go on the Billboard Hot 100.

The film “Justin Bieber. Believe” premiered in 2013. This is not the first picture dedicated to the creativity of the Canadian. By this time, the documentary film “Never Say Never” had already been released in 3D. The film in its first weekend box office grossed $30.3 million and was recognized as the most successful concert film at the box office.

Justin presented his fourth studio album, Purpose, in 2015. It topped the Billboard 200 charts in the U.S., and the record also topped the charts in Canada, Australia, and other countries. The lead single of the album was the song Sorry. The video for “Sorry” garnered 40 million views in its first week.

Another hit of the album is the composition Love Yourself. It was written by Bieber himself in collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco. In 2017, it was nominated for a Grammy Award in 4 categories at once.

The artist then announced on Instagram the release of a U2 song, which he recorded with David Guetta. The hit of the two titans of electronic pop music became a powerful dance single.

At the Coachella Festival, Justin met the young artist Billie Eilish, who, like him, achieved enormous popularity in a short time. The singers quickly became friends and even decided to record a joint track, or rather, a remix of the popular Bad Guy. Fans appreciated the collabration on its own merits.

The artist in 2020 presented his fifth studio album, called Changes. It debuted at number 1 in the U.S. hit parade, and after that topped the lists of the Canadian and British charts. Within a few months, new singles began to appear, such as the lyrical ballad Lonely.

In early 2021, Bieber gave a live concert on the social network “TickTock”, which was watched by 20 million fans.

Together with the k-pop boy band BTS, Bieber began recording a new track, which was supposed to be a part of the artist’s Justice album release, which included the Peaches hit. The rapprochement of the musicians was promoted by the purchase of the label Ithaca Holdings, to which Justin Bieber belongs, by the company Hybe. The first result of this creative merger was the participation of Taiwanese-American actress Christine Co in the shooting of the music video for the single Hold on.


Bieber is known to have problems with the law. The musician has repeatedly been detained by police for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, with an expired driver’s license, and the singer has also been accused of assault. Once, Justin Bieber’s plane was even detained at the airport for smelling marijuana in the cabin.

On January 23, 2014, Miami police arrested Bieber for racing through city streets in a sports car. The musician later admitted that he had consumed alcohol and light drugs before the trip. The musician was detained, but the court released Justin on $2,500 bail.

On the same day, a petition appeared on the official site of the White House in which the US citizens demanded to revoke the singer’s residency permit and deport him to Canada, Bieber’s homeland. The action caused a stir on social media. The American users jokingly demanded from the Canadians to take the pop musician back, the star’s compatriots reproached the U.S. residents that Justin left his native country as a nice boy, and they are trying to return him as a criminal and drug addict.

Soon, another scandal surfaced on the Net concerning Bieber, and more specifically, his fight with Orlando Bloom, which occurred in a restaurant in Ibiza. According to one version, it happened because of the celebrity’s long-standing affair with Bloom’s ex-wife, model Miranda Kerr. However, when the speculation was voiced by reporters, the model immediately responded by telling everyone that the men were not fighting over her.

The performer was a guest star of the show “Roast a Star” (Comedy Central Poast), where during the hour celebrities are washed his bones and openly mocked. The promo, in which a celebrity gets egged and has a tattoo of a target on his back, made a lot of noise on the Internet. Fans did not expect their idol to agree to this.

Justin Bieber is also known for other provocative acts. In 2019, he surprised fans by challenging Hollywood celebrity Tom Cruise to a fight under all MMA rules. Despite the fact that fans have already begun to place bets, the meeting of the artists did not take place.

Personal life

Bieber maintains a verified account on Instagram, where he posts photos from his personal life. Thanks to the candor of the celebrity with subscribers, fans learned about the hobby of the pop icon – fishing. Periodically, the young man secludes himself with a fishing rod and enjoys the silence and a great catch.

The star often shares selfies and photos with a naked torso with fans, and especially female fans. Justin has a number of tattoos and periodically adds new ones. The singer has images of his left arm from wrist to shoulder, right arm from wrist to elbow, neck, shoulder blades and torso.

Justin’s glamorous appearance, who does not appear in public without a stylish hairstyle or in unfashionable clothes, has sparked rumors that Bieber is a singer of non-traditional orientation. Every friend of his, including Jaden Smith, was immediately written down as the artist’s partner. To dispel these rumors, the musician began to actively exploit the theme of love and sex in his own songs and videos, where he invited popular models and fellow singers. In addition, he did not disclose personal relationships and openly appeared at social events with girls.

At different times, the singers attributed the relationship with his colleagues. Among them are Ariana Grande, Sofia Richie, Xenia Deli.

An affair with Selena Gomez.

Justin’s personal life was at one time associated with the name of Selena Gomez. She is a famous American actress, singer, composer, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Bieber and Gomez are a union of two talented and successful show business stars that never seemed to fade.

The fans approved of the fact that the short Bieber (the musician is 175 cm tall and weighs 70 kg) among the surrounding models and singers found a girl below him (Selena’s height is 165 cm). The couple looked harmonious and corresponded to traditional views.

The relationship began in 2010, but two years later the former lovers announced the end of the affair. For some time, the couple still continued to appear together, but in January 2013, Bieber and Gomez summarized that they are good friends. The true reason for the breakup the lovers hid, and fans suspected that the boyfriend simply cheated on his girlfriend.

Marriage to Hailey Baldwin

Since late 2015, Bieber’s name appears in the news bulletins next to Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin. The girl is familiar with Justin since childhood, she accompanied him on many trips and even vacationed with his family. However, the next couple of years, the future spouses were not together, the popular artist unsuccessfully tried to renew the relationship with Selena.

After a pause in their relationship, the couple Justin and Hayley began dating again The reunion of the lovers occurred in the early summer of 2018. The singer even announced the engagement, which was a sensation for his fans and former girlfriend Selena Gomez, with whom he twice unsuccessfully tried to build happiness.

Soon the lovers bought a luxurious country house in the Canadian province of Ontario, which cost $5 million. The mansion is equipped with a wine cellar, has a stable and access to the lake.

In September 2018, it became known that the singer married the chosen one. After the registration of the marriage, Hayley officially changed her last name. The wedding ceremony decided to postpone for a while. The groom was diagnosed with a severe viral disease. Later, the artist admitted that he was diagnosed with Lyme disease. For many after infection from a tick bite, it passes after standard treatment, with Justin – dragged on for years.

A year later, the newlyweds decided to hold a ceremony for a wide range of guests. The wedding took place at a hotel in South Carolina. Here, in Somerset Chapel, they were married. At a party the couple threw for their loved ones before the ceremony, there was a viewing of the artist’s favorite movie, “The Notebook.”

Rumors surfaced periodically on the web that the couple had filed for divorce. Allegedly, the guy was dating ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez and his wife “caught” him at it. Justin’s official representatives quickly refuted the speculation published by the tabloid press.

About the birth of children in his family, Justin told on the air of The Ellen Show, the hero of which he became at the end of 2020. According to Bieber, he wants to become a father of many children, but Haley does not share his plans. The artist’s wife is now busy with her career and is not yet ready for heirs.

Justin Bieber now

On the first day of 2022, Bieber set the record for the number of listeners per month in the history of Spotify – 94.68 million. And in the spring, he pleased the public with a collaboration with the Nigerian singer Omah Lay, having published a music video for the song Attention on YouTube.

Bieber’s health problems caused the cancellation of the world tour in the middle of the year. In his personal blog, the singer recorded a video in which fans discovered that Justin was paralyzed on the right side of his face. He attributed his condition to Hunt’s syndrome. Simply put, the singer’s facial nerve was affected.

Of course, there was no question of continuing concert activity, as even blinking his right eye was difficult for the star. However, by the end of the summer, Bieber got better and the world tour continued. Out of the planned 70 concerts the singer managed to give only 6 when he suddenly realized that his health condition worsened again. Justin took a break, cancelling all subsequent performances.


2010 – My World 2.0
2011 – Under the Mistletoe
2012 – Believe
2015 – Purpose
2020 – Changes
2021 – Justice


2010-2011 – “C.S.I.: The Scene of the Crime.
2011 – “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.
2013 – “Katy Perry: A Part of Me
2013 – “Justin Bieber. Believe
2014 – Bad Behaviour
2016 – “Model Male #2
2017 – “Kill Hasselhoff.
2021 – “Friends: Reunion”

Interesting Facts

Over the years of being on stage, the star’s external image has changed more than once, and this also touched the artist’s hairstyle. He was not afraid to make different haircuts and change color, at one time he even walked with a mustache. In this regard, some time ago the online game “Cut Justin Bieber’s hair” enjoyed popularity in the network.

The performer’s mother gave birth to her son when she was young. The financial well-being of the 20-year-old girl left much to be desired. In order to provide the child with everything necessary, she worked at two jobs and found time to raise the future celebrity. The artist is very grateful to her for her support and everything she did for him in her time.

In parallel with the creative work the artist was also engaged in commerce. In 2011 the singer released his first line of perfumes, designed for teenage girls. Subsequently, the series of perfumes expanded, providing an opportunity to choose a fragrance for representatives of different generations.

The artist starred in a new episode in a special edition of Friends: Reunion. Together with Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, the Canadian repeated one of the popular scenes of the series, in which Ross Geller’s character appeared in a potato suit. It was this image that the singer embodied on the screen.